Take a Hike


Take a Hike is a mobile app designed for users who enjoy hiking, but desire a tool that makes it easier to find hike locations. When designing this app, I decided to start the iteration process by further developing the problem and by exploring the pain point of my user.

Problem Statement:

My user loves to hike. However, she finds it difficult and frustrating to locate several places to hike at one time. She prefers to discover hike locations based on her zip code or current location. My user is interested in having a product that is able to point out various places where she can hike, established by her personal preferences.

Next I needed to really dissect the problem, and design a fun and simple solution to create an enjoyable hiking experience for my user.


My app makes it easy for my partner to be able to have a list of places where she can hike through the simple process of inputting very basic information. It is an incredibly seamless process that is able to aggregate locations via her current location, zip code, distance from home, elevation gain, hike distance, and personal preferences. The app combines these variables that produces and presents to the user a clickable list of hike locations. It saves her the stress of searching online and individually mapping locations which is tedious and time consuming. This makes the process less of a burden and more enjoyable.

In continuing to produce Take a Hike, it was now necessary to lay out the user flow which would be integral in creating an easy, fulfilling process for the user.

FullSizeRender 17.jpg

Based on the user flow, the user would have several options in which she could select her site location. She can choose her location by zip code or current location. In addition, the user can decided to search via distance from current location, distance of hike by miles, gain, and elevation. The user would also have the choice to select a hike location based on the following preferences: landmarks, waterfalls, romantic, views, cemetery, pets, family friendly, and restaurants.

After the user enters all of their desired information, the app self-aggregates a list of hike locations based on selected preferences. After the user makes their decision, she can close the app, or sync it to the map feature in her mobile phone for directions via automobile, public transportation, or walking.

Now that the user flow has been completed, I then began to sketch my mock-ups. Below are sample sketches:



Please test the paper prototype:

Take a Hike

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